Friday, 9 December 2011

'Wespe' SP Gun and Sdkfz 222

These are both from Britannia miniatures (20mm). Nice models and easy to assemble (3-4 parts, resin cast). Followed a sort of 'Ambush' camo design that I saw featured on a Sturmtiger in a back issue of Wargames Illustrated. Easy to do, and quite effective which means I'll put aside my cack handed attempts at the spray gun for now. Base colour was done with Vellejo middlestone then worked in some GW bubonic brown and gradually built up from there. Finished with a very light dry brush of GW Bleached bone, which really brings out the edges and detail.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WW2 German Kfz 15 Staff Car and Opel Blitz Truck

"Put your foot down Helmut!". The staff car is by Britannia Miniatures. Their 20mm range is superb, and quite inexpensive to boot. The truck is by Airfix and comes with the Pak 40 gun (not shown). These 1/76 sets are quite cheap to pick up on ebay or Amazon marketplace, and once replacing the crew with a few metal ones you literally can't tell the difference once painted. The detail on the truck is very nice, and you can always put a bit of ballast in the back to add weight on the games table. I painted these in a late war camo and added some GW Bestial Brown mud splashes.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

British Infantry: 86th Regt. of Foot - Indian Mutiny

28mm Foundry Miniatures. Painted these as the 86th Regiment of Foot, in their red jackets and dyed blue trousers. They've been sat on the shelf for ages, but glad that I've finally got round to making a start on them. Also recently managed to grab a copy of David Bickley's ruleset for the Indian Mutiny "The Devil's Wind".

Monday, 24 October 2011

28mm Napoleonic Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Pied

These are by Foundry Miniatures. I haven't included the standard/musician base as I'm currently looking for the appropriate flag to go with them. These particular models in poses shown are now discontinued I think, which is how I picked them up cheap. Hopefully I'll be able to use them in one of our upcoming club games.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

German Pak 40 and Crew

This is the Pak 40 and Waffen SS crew I bought from the Derby Wargames show last week. It's a nice set, available from Blitz/Battlefield Miniatures in 20mm ( I also purchased a mini-spray gun a few days ago with the hope of doing the camouflage, but I'm finding it quite hard going. I'll probably check online and see if there are any tutorials - or if anyone can recommend a few tips here? Basically it's about narrowing the spray to cover 20mm or 15mm armour in small patches. I keep blasting the damn models and smothering them. Tried looking on the FoW website tips section, but no luck. Anyway, as you can see from the pics I decided to revert back to just hand painting the camo for now.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Waffen SS Infantry - 20mm

Picked up a company of Waffen SS (20mm Blitz Miniatures) from Derby Wargames show last weekend. Have decided to get back to a bit of WW2 gaming after so many Panzermarsche! games at the club - and me having no figures in that scale. Anyway, they're proving enjoyable to paint and are a nice break from the bucketloads of Russian 15mm SYW I've done in the last few weeks.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Zorndorf 1758. Seven Years War 15mm.

Last week myself and Simon ran a SYW (Battle of Zorndorf) Sunday game for the Quorn Wargames Club. It was the culmination of several weeks of fevered painting and planning. The Russian troops were lacking in regiments which meant ordering quite a few more to make up the numbers. The majority of the Russian figures in the photos are Old Glory and Lancashire Games. The Cossacks (as mentioned previously) are from the Polish company 'Fire and Sword' ( The game itself stayed pretty much true to historical fact by turning out to be an absolute slugging match. The Prussians starting with a cannonade and then marching forwards to a bloody grind against the Russian defensive positions along the hills. The Battle was decided eventually by a breakthrough of Prussian cavalry, that had earlier reorganised itself after getting a bashing from the Russian infantry reserves.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Partizan Wargames Show. Newark, UK. 4th Sept.

Got back from Partizan earlier this afternoon. A great show in lovely surroundings at Kelham Hall (about 1.5 miles from Newark). Picked up everything that remained on my list for the upcoming Zorndorf game. Including some cracking 15mm Russian Cossacks from a Polish company called 'Fire and Sword' impressive presentation box which included metal bases, 18 riders and mounts, metal spear/standards and 3 flags. All for £16.50. Also grabbed some generals and artillery and another box of Russian infantry from Lancashire games. Some fantastic display games which included (top) The Battle of Sedgemoor 1685 and (further down) a nice snow covered Battle for Rodt 1944 using Panzer Marsche! rules.

Friday, 5 August 2011

15mm Battle of Paltzig 1759 Seven Years War

Played this Seven Years War scenario at the club last week. Russians defending a hill on the right with a 12 pounder battery on top, lines extending out to the front and the left. Prussians enter with a unfordable river on their right and sunken road to their left. As in the actual battle the Prussians advanced rapidly along the sunken road and then turned our (the Russians) flank. We tried backstepping to defend the side of the hill but couldn't keep pace with the cavalry which swept behind us. The battery on the hill did a good job of mauling a cavalry regiment and routing an infantry regiment, but not enough to turn the tide. We'd arched our left wing round in the hope that it would provide a crossfire and halt any advances to the front. Not very successfully I'm afraid, and would probably have done better by marching some of these units over to the right and pushing off the flanking cavalry.

All figures by Old Glory 15s and Lancashire games.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

"FIRE!" - Photos from 15mm Peninsular game.

Wednesday night saw a 15mm Napoleonic Peninsular game (Battle of Castalla 1813). French against Spanish, Sicillian and British troops. The top photograph captures a rare moment of outlandish luck on my behalf. A charge by Spanish cavalry against my column of wily Frenchmen saw the latter form square, but faltering as the enemy came in. Normally this would be a disaster but somehow I managed a double 6 on the melee and Paul's Cavalry scoring low. Result was the cavalry became routed, and exited the field. I'll admit that the Spanish troops had inferior mounts and were conscripts (in Lord Cardigan's term: "Knackered tailors on stub donkeys") but I would have still normally been trounced.

Second photo is a view from the French Battery as the British start to bring across their left flank. The game was a victory for the French who managed to press the centre of the allied line until it gave way, forcing a retreat back into the hills.

Friday, 15 July 2011

15mm Seven Years War Russian Grenadiers

The army increases. Today I added the flags and finished varnishing my last regiment of Russian SYW Grenadiers for the Zorndorf game. Again these are all Old Glory 15's. That's pretty much it for the infantry, now I have some artillery and as much cavalry I can do in the time we have left. The other guy (Simon) is painting the Observation Corps, Horse Grenadiers and Cossacks that we need.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Battle of Fornovo 1495.

Sunday 10th saw the Quorn Wargames Club host the Battle of Fornovo in 15mm (thanks to Paul for organizing it!) using our house rules ("Blood and Glory" written by Dave). The Italian army were placed on the left bank of the river, with the French forces of Charles VIII starting in the village of Fornovo itself on the same side. The main objective was to move the French over the bridge following the road on the right bank and off the board, with baggage train etc (which included all the loot from the campaign). There were 4 crossings altogether along the length of the river which could be exploited by either army (but more likely the italians once they realised the French were trying to nip past them). There were two players controlling the Italians and three for the French.

The French were allowed two free moves to push as much as they could across the river, but the convoy being so long it probably took twice that to get everything over. In the meantime the Italian forces, already awakened by the French (or specifically the Swiss) burning down the local castle, started to move on the crossings to crush the enemy in a pincer move. One element came straight at the rearguard/baggage whilst another tried to hit us in the middle of the convoy and a third prepared for a blocking move throwing itself onto the road. Expecting this eventuality the French placed their fearsome (and fanatical) Swiss pikemen at the front, then some cavalry and other troops to screen the crossings as the convoy moved down.

Early engagements for the French were successful, particularly Chris' spirited defence of the first bridge - safely ensuring everyone's passage. Likewise a combination of infantry and cavalry kept the Italians from venturing too far over the second crossing.

However, beyond this point it was to be a huge bloody slugging match as Swiss pike butted into a column of German pike which positioned itself on the road. This combat lasted several turns perhaps helped by some unlucky dice on behalf of the French. Rather than take to their heels the Germans kept rolling 6's ensuring their successful morale tests! Eventually the Germans pretty much fell where they fought and bought some much needed time for their comrades to come over the fourth and final crossing without trouble.

At this point, wanting to keep with the spirit of the period (and reflecting historical accuracy) I allowed Charles VIII to lead a mass charge of cavalry which I expected to clear away a good portion of the enemy coming around our flank. Alas (and much to everyone's amusement) a puny looking line of mounted latches decided to fire before retreating and scored a lucky shot on the king himself! Wounded, he's led from the field and causes morale tests in every unit that witnesses it, rather breaking up my glorious charge and it going in piecemeal instead. Meanwhile the Swiss pike and several thousand assorted infantry have managed to edge forwards routing several enemy units. Nevertheless, probably a bit too late!

We ended there on the conclusion that it was always going to be difficult for the Frenchies. Solid troops but moving and keeping everyone together meant you could only go as fast as your slowest men. The Italians had some good units but loads and loads of third rate militia types, however the speed and ability to use the majority of space without restrictions made big differences. A great game, which had everyone considering plenty of "what if's?" afterwards.

Friday, 8 July 2011

15mm Seven Years War Russian Infantry.

These are my newly aquired Seven Years War Russian Infantry. The models are a mix of Old Glory 15's and Lancashire games. The flags were all taken from images I found on the internet and then played around with in Photoshop. I've managed to finish ten regiments so far which we'll use for our Battle of Zorndorf game in early September.

Friday, 1 July 2011

15mm Wars of the Roses Mounted Knights

These are the Knights on fully barded horses I bought from my friend Chris a while ago. It's really just the tip of the iceberg, with around 300 other figures left to do. Nevertheless I'm trying to get the cavalry finished for use in an Italian Wars Renaissance game at the club next week. I'm pleased with how they turned out, even though it was a superfast paint job! I'm pretty sure these are all Minifigs range.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

28mm Napoleonic French Hussar Regiment

The troopers and Elite are all Foundry models, whilst the command are Front Rank. Accidentally bought the latter with tall shakos without checking at the Triples show, so had to swap the heads with some Perry's I had spare! Also the horses and saddles needed adjustment with trimming and the addition of some modelling clay. This is the second regiment of Hussars I have. The French Napoleonics definitely dominate my collection right now, and I'm quite pleased to say that they're finally looking like the army I always wanted and envisaged!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Photos from Phalanx 2011

Enclosed are some more pictures I took at Phalanx 2011 (St. Helens near Liverpool). There are some shots of a nicely done Indian Mutiny game, a large Western game with some superbly painted American Indians and a huge Seven Years War game. I was really impressed with the latter. Loads of effort gone into the game, and the terrain with its redoubts and defences was top notch. The figures were by Front Rank and Irregular. All 28mm. Whilst there I managed to buy a few additions to my soon-to-be-started 15mm Wars of the Roses Army, a load of Russian SYW and some Perry's French Napoleonic Light Horse Artillery. A brief mention has to go to Kallistra Miniatures for giving me a sample of their nice new upcoming 10mm/12mm American Civil War range!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Panzer Marsch! Game at Phalanx 2011

A few of us from the Quorn Wargames Club, Loughborough ( put on a game of 20mm Panzer Marsch! at Phalanx 2011 near Liverpool this last Sunday. All the models and most of the scenery was supplied by Paul. The scenario involved a Russian attack on a small town vital to the German supply lines during the early stages of the Eastern Front campaign. I played the Russians, whilst the two Paul's played the Germans. I made the slight error of throwing my armour too far forward at speed and leaving insufficient cover for my infantry as they huffed to keep up. German gunners repaid my mistake. Nevertheless, after storming 3/4 of the town in heroic style and driving the defenders back I suddenly sighted German armoured reinforcements to my rear. The game was left with my tanks doing a quick about face to respond to the enemy advance, and beginning to suffer dearly for it!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

28mm French Line Infantry (Front Rank and Foundry)

Here's another recently painted 28mm French Line Regiment. The skirmishers, standard, officer and drummer are all Front Rank miniatures whilst the Sappeur (you can just see him in there) is a Victrix metal figure. The rest are all from Foundry. I've started picking up more Front Rank stuff as the price increases with Foundry are difficult to keep up with. Great models but it seems the only time I can afford them these days is when they have a sale or offer on. I've noticed Front Rank mix in great with the figures I already have (being chunky, small 28's). Anyway, I've really enjoyed painting these up and look forward to getting them on the table with the rest.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

English Civil War: Colonel Samuel Joseph's Regiment

A few more 28mm Dixons ECW models painted. Still have boxes more to get through but the overall Parliament and Scots Armies are coming along quite well now. I'll probably take a break from these for a bit and concentrate on my French Napoleonic Infantry again. Going up to Phalanx next week, where the Quorn Wargames Club will be putting on a game of 20mm WWII Panzer Marsch! Should be fun. I'll try and remember to take the camera and post some pics.

Monday, 30 May 2011

15mm Anglo-Saxon Huscarles

Here's the first painted batch from my newly aquired Anglo-Saxon army. They were purchased at this years Triples show in Sheffield and are manufactured by Two Dragons Miniatures (currently available through Dixons). Really great sculpting on these chaps, and I'll certainly be buying some more from them. I'm already saving up the cash for one of their Samurai armies which also caught my eye at the trade stand.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

ECW Scots Cavalry 28mm

Here's the second squadron of cavalry I've managed to paint up in the last fortnight. This time it's English Civil War Scottish. All by Foundry in 28mm. I'm thinking of including these in the Montrose Army I'm gradually building. Again, mainly flat colours with a bit of highlight here and there. I managed to pick up some Montrose flags from 'Battle Flags' while I was at Triples last weekend. Curtey's Miniatures were selling them if I remember correctly.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Napoleonic French Cuirassiers 28mm

Finished a squadron of Foundry French Cuirassiers. Whilst setting up the Waterloo game for the club a couple of months ago it was suggested that overall we didn't have too many of them which prompted me to grab a few when they came up in the Foundry clearance sale. However, for my life I couldn't find a command pack in the same bins so opted for an Imperial Empress Dragoons command - which I then converted with some green stuff.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Triples Wargames Show. Sheffield May 21st/22nd

Got back from Triples earlier today. My first time there and was quite overwhelmed with the stuff that was on offer. Some fantastic deals on miniatures plus a great selection of truly mindblowing demonstration and display games. I've enclosed a few photos here. The Battle of Towton in 6mm using 'Poleaxed 2' rules was a sight to behold. Here's a link to their website with a feature of the show Also loved 25mm Lutzen 1813 with Bramley Barn/Legendary Wargames using Elite and Calpe miniatures, plus also saw a nice 28mm Marlbourian game. Burton and District Wargamers did Cropredy Bridge in 28mm ECW that was outstanding too. I came away with some nice purchases. Never thought I'd be arriving home with a full 15mm Anglo-Saxon army, but after my friend Darren kept waving around his recently bought Norman Army in front of my face and saying "C'mon. Battle of Hastings mate!" it was hard to resist. Both armies were part of a deal from Two Dragons Productions. Anyway, enjoy the photos and get along this Sunday if you can!

Monday, 25 April 2011

28mm ECW Parliament Pike and Cavalry

I exchanged a few blisters of unpainted Flames of War British with my mate Darren for these Dixons ECW models a few weeks ago. There was an assortment of Pike, Foot and Cavalry with the latter both Scots and English. These are the ones I've painted-up so far. I didn't want to take forever as I was anxious to get them done and on the battlefield asap. There's been a few ECW games at the local club and I was looking forwards to fielding some of my own models. To this end I went for a quick black undercoat with one flat colour and occasional highlight on top. I'm happy with the outcome. The cavalry as you can see are a selection of lobsters, dragoons etc. I intend to purchase more and make them up into proper squadrons. Also just noticed there's some individual characters in the bag Darren gave me: William Waller and Cromwell himself. Both Bicorne Miniatures. Nice!

These are the first Dixons Miniatures I've ever had, and I must say I really like them. They've a nice old school feel and I'll certainly be buying a few more in the future.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Crimean War Cannon and Sevastopol Eagle

Here are a few photos I took from a visit to the Leicestershire Regimental Museum. There are two Russian cannon outside both taken from Sevastopol during the Crimean War. As you can see they have slightly different carriages (one with four wheels, the other two). They both seem to be the same calibre guns, although I'm not sure what poundage they may be. There's what appears to be a slightly faded armourer's mark on both. I can't tell what they mean and the inscriptions are quite weather-worn. There were the initials 'M.A' on the rear of each. Apparently the guns were not definitely taken by the Leicestershire regiment during the siege, but the city had 'claimed' them for display at some point (I've seen four smaller guns in Nottingham which I assume were appropriated in the same manner). The Sevastopol wooden eagle, also pictured, was actually taken during the siege. As attested to by the inscription.

If anyone has any further info on the cannons I'd be interested to hear about it!