Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sturmtiger - 20mm Britannia Miniatures

This Britannia Miniatures Sturmtiger (or to give its full title: Sturmmorserwagen 606/4 mit 38cm RW61) was a pleasure to paint. I used the usual Vallejo Middlestone, then mixed in some GW Bubonic Brown and finally drybrushed with GW Bleached Bone. The finished item is not quite on a par with Matt Parkes Sturmtiger diorama in Wargames Illustrated 1260 (which was the inspiration here), but it'll look ok on the table at least. I can't praise Britannia Miniatures/Grubby Tanks enough and think Andy is well worth supporting. Good prices with excellent service. Check out the website here:

Saturday, 28 July 2012

French Napoleonic Infantry - 28mm Front rank

These are the last of my Napoleonic French for a while. I've got some other projects on the go which I'll hope to post up in the next few days (including some WW2 stuff). I managed to take the above photos outside in the sunny weather this afternoon. Infinitely better than my usual indoor pics. Napoleonics are still on the radar, especially as one of our regular members has sold all his Naps on ebay - which means I'll be providing most of the models for the foreseeable games.