Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Austrian Military Museum, Vienna. 2011.

After getting back from a brief holiday in Vienna, I decided to post up a few of my photographs. The first set is from the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum. A fantastic place (and quite vast), which has its residence in the original Vienna Arsenal. It was very easy to find and only 5 minutes walk from the Belvedere Palace Art gallery. Entrance fee was cheap too at only 6 Euros and included an audio guide. My only slight complaint was that the guide didn't feature everything you were looking at - only the blue stickered objects. However, the Museum staff were helpful and knowledgable. The museum comprised of two floors, with each area being dedicated to its own era. So there was the 30 Years War, Ottomans, Prince Eugene of Savoy (17th Century), Maria Theresa (18th Century), Austria and Europe (1789-1866), WW1, Republic to Dictatorship (1918-1945), Austrian Naval Power etc.

Landwehr Corporal. 1809.

Captured French Eagles.

Radetzky's (1766-1858) promotion papers.

Radetzky's Death Mask.

Uniform Displays.

Field Marshal Gideon Ernst Freiherr Von Laudon's Sabre, hat and awards.

38cm Howitzer. 1916.

Complete Battery of Bronze Cannons from the kingdom of Sardinia. The first nine are all big 32 pounders. Marks on them say they were cast in 1782 by G.A. Bianco of Turin.