Monday, 25 April 2011

28mm ECW Parliament Pike and Cavalry

I exchanged a few blisters of unpainted Flames of War British with my mate Darren for these Dixons ECW models a few weeks ago. There was an assortment of Pike, Foot and Cavalry with the latter both Scots and English. These are the ones I've painted-up so far. I didn't want to take forever as I was anxious to get them done and on the battlefield asap. There's been a few ECW games at the local club and I was looking forwards to fielding some of my own models. To this end I went for a quick black undercoat with one flat colour and occasional highlight on top. I'm happy with the outcome. The cavalry as you can see are a selection of lobsters, dragoons etc. I intend to purchase more and make them up into proper squadrons. Also just noticed there's some individual characters in the bag Darren gave me: William Waller and Cromwell himself. Both Bicorne Miniatures. Nice!

These are the first Dixons Miniatures I've ever had, and I must say I really like them. They've a nice old school feel and I'll certainly be buying a few more in the future.


  1. nice job they look really great, i wish i had more time to paint my own stuff. I have about 60 cav and about 160 infantry that i'm looking forward to do.

  2. very nice start - though the Foot are Foundry