Monday, 30 May 2011

15mm Anglo-Saxon Huscarles

Here's the first painted batch from my newly aquired Anglo-Saxon army. They were purchased at this years Triples show in Sheffield and are manufactured by Two Dragons Miniatures (currently available through Dixons). Really great sculpting on these chaps, and I'll certainly be buying some more from them. I'm already saving up the cash for one of their Samurai armies which also caught my eye at the trade stand.


  1. Looks like you got a bargain, they're painted up superbly!

  2. Thanks Ray. My first experience of this period, so I'm trying to swot up with a load of Osprey books and online documentaries on 1066 and the like. I originally thought the Anglo-Saxons favoured the round shields? but appears not to be the case. If anyone could enlighten me I'd appreciate it.