Friday, 5 August 2011

15mm Battle of Paltzig 1759 Seven Years War

Played this Seven Years War scenario at the club last week. Russians defending a hill on the right with a 12 pounder battery on top, lines extending out to the front and the left. Prussians enter with a unfordable river on their right and sunken road to their left. As in the actual battle the Prussians advanced rapidly along the sunken road and then turned our (the Russians) flank. We tried backstepping to defend the side of the hill but couldn't keep pace with the cavalry which swept behind us. The battery on the hill did a good job of mauling a cavalry regiment and routing an infantry regiment, but not enough to turn the tide. We'd arched our left wing round in the hope that it would provide a crossfire and halt any advances to the front. Not very successfully I'm afraid, and would probably have done better by marching some of these units over to the right and pushing off the flanking cavalry.

All figures by Old Glory 15s and Lancashire games.

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