Monday, 29 April 2013

Battle of Hanau 1813

After three to four weeks of solid painting, myself and Simon were able to finally host the Sunday game at the club. Basing it (loosely) on The Battle of Hanau in 1813, it saw the French forces retreating after Leipzig and attempting to get back to home soil. The Austro-Bavarian army had other plans and stretched itself across their line of retreat in a hope of annihilating them.
One thing I noticed when it was time to set up the game was the volume of figures we were using on such a small area. Despite having a fair size venue, two Divisions of French plus reserves was going to be a squeeze and leave little room for manuever. This prompted the usual observation from folks that such sized battles are probably better fought at 15mm or even 6mm. Nevertheless (like the French) we pushed onwards.
The Italian Brigade rushed forwards towards the right flank of the Austrians and for a time successfully distracted their Cavalry on that side. This gave the French Center and right wing time to spread its units out and deploy some much needed artillery support. The right wing was where the first serious clashes happened with the bold Bavarians sending out their columns to blunt the French advance. Thankfully Lawrence (a new member) wasn't struck by the curse of low-die rolling that older club members are afflicted with, and he made some stunning blows. However, despite this his units were feeling the strain and when more Austrian cavalry came over the horizon (trouncing a unit hanging in the wind) it definitely wasn't looking good. Paul nevertheless asked Lawrence to provide a gap in the lines so his Polish cavalry could speed through. Essentially balancing the odds. The center units at this point had taken some long range battering from the Austrian guns and jaegers, but as the French got near their blood was obviously up and they charged with gusto. Another new guy Keith managed to land the Austrians some hefty punches that sent their columns reeling back - at one point rolling seven 5+6's on eight dice! We left it there with the likelihood of a decent (if hard fought) French victory.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Napoleonic French Dragoons - 28mm Perry Miniatures

28mm Dragoon Regiment I bought from The Orc's Nest on my recent visit to London. This just about completes the Cavalry wing for Sunday's game. The uniforms were painted Vallejo Luftwaffe Green then Vallejo Clear Orange for the facings. I was intending to paint the facings Pink, but noticed I'd run out in both Vallejo and GW. Much of my Russian Napoleonic army is red and green, so just wanted to add a variation on colours a bit. I've still got the dismounted figures to complete so I should get stuck into those sometime this week too.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Photograph of WW1 German Officer

I bought this picture on my previously mentioned London trip. It was thrown into a box along with a load of other military photos, but I thought this chap was particularly striking! I've been told by posters on the War Relics forum that he has the ribbon for an Iron Cross 2nd class - which would be nice when I get the chance to pick one up and frame it alongside the photo. I'm assuming he's an officer, but someone also mentioned that the braid on the right shoulder means something but not exactly sure what. If anyone has any info they could add to the above it would be much appreciated!!

Friday, 19 April 2013

More Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers

Here's the second batch from the Victrix box of Old Guard Grenadiers. That makes two regiments, and along with my Chasseurs, should be enough for the upcoming Sunday club game. Hopefully they'll perform well! Despite cursing plastics a few months back and saying to myself that I'd never buy them again, the current economic downturn (mine in particular) means that I've bought several boxes in order to complete the Napoleonic army I always wanted. If I added it all up, had I bought the equivalent in metal I'd have coughed up several hundred quid more than what I paid for in plastic. At the end of the day it keeps me gaming and prevents me sliding into poverty. It's always sad to hear of fellow hobbyists selling off the figures they worked hard to collect and paint in order to cover unexpected bills or other debts.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Battle of Waterloo - Commemorative cigarette card set

Just back from London where I picked up this nice Battle of Waterloo cigarette card set. You'll have to excuse the slightly off-center ones, as it's only in its temporary plastic cover at the moment and I was basically lugging it around with me on the return journey home. Originally produced in 1915 for the centenary it was withdrawn due to the possibility of offending our French allies (!). This is the reprint from 1990 and cost me just £25 from Stephen Wheeler's Medal shop near Leicester Square. As far as I know they still have a lovely glass framed set in the window for £95. I'm of the opinion they'd look fantastic hanging in a study or games room. I also purchased some nice WW1 photographs, a German Black enamel wound badge and a German Military pass (precursor to the WW2 Soldbuch) at an absolutely bargain price. If you're ever passing through the city it's definitely worth checking out, and easy to find. His details are: Stephen Wheeler Medals. 20 Cecil Court. Leicester Square. London. WC2N 4HE. Tel: 07778 848555. He doesn't have a website, but opening hours are usually Wednesday to Saturday (Monday you'll find his stall in Covent Garden).

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

French Napoleonic Infantry 28mm

These are Perry Miniatures plastics. Actually one of the first Perry boxed sets I've painted, as all the others are Victrix. As mentioned before they're far easier to assemble than the latter. They also contain a nice mix of greatcoats and campaign uniforms etc. I have quite a few Victrix French left over from other projects so I may mix some in with the next unit (very slight differences in size with the Perrys being slimmer - though I may get away with it). Altogether I've approximately 20 French infantry units (that includes French allies like Poles and Italians). But for some strange reason I still keep buying more. Westphalians next perhaps? Let's see!!