Sunday, 19 June 2011

Panzer Marsch! Game at Phalanx 2011

A few of us from the Quorn Wargames Club, Loughborough ( put on a game of 20mm Panzer Marsch! at Phalanx 2011 near Liverpool this last Sunday. All the models and most of the scenery was supplied by Paul. The scenario involved a Russian attack on a small town vital to the German supply lines during the early stages of the Eastern Front campaign. I played the Russians, whilst the two Paul's played the Germans. I made the slight error of throwing my armour too far forward at speed and leaving insufficient cover for my infantry as they huffed to keep up. German gunners repaid my mistake. Nevertheless, after storming 3/4 of the town in heroic style and driving the defenders back I suddenly sighted German armoured reinforcements to my rear. The game was left with my tanks doing a quick about face to respond to the enemy advance, and beginning to suffer dearly for it!

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