Friday, 7 February 2020

28mm Colonel John Frost WW2 using Contrast Paints

I have been dabbling with the Contrast paints again. Despite being highly sceptical at first they've now finally won me over. I think once you get used to them you can achieve some lovely effects in a very short space of time. Which is great if you have a huge lead mountain like I do. This Wargames illustrated Giants in Miniature character figure was completed in about 45 minutes. I'll try out some more figures in the coming days and post up the results.

For those interested. I used a combination of Instar and Games Workshop contrast paints. The full list is here:
GW Guilliman Flesh for the skin.
GW Agarros Dunes for the smock.
GW Snakebite Leather for the trousers and gun butt.
GW Creed Camo for the helmet, webbing, pouches and gaiters.
GW Black Templar for the gun and boots, chinstrap etc.
GW Creed Camo and Militarum Green 50/50 mix (or Instar Forest Green) for the camo splashes.
GW Wyldwood for the camo splashes.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

28mm Northwest Frontier Afghans

In a break from my Wars of the Roses project I decided to try out some of the new Contrast paints from Games Workshop, and the latest similar product from Instar Paints. I may be doing a small review for Wargames Illustrated on the latter very soon.

The Afghans are Foundry miniatures and (I think) some Artizan. They had been knocking around in the unpainted pile for over a year, so it was an ideal opportunity to experiment with this apparently quick fire method of getting figures battle ready.

In all I managed to complete around eighteen figures in just one afternoon. That included a highlight of two on some. I must say I'm being slightly won over by the Instar product. The colour range is excellent and far outdoes GW on the colour choices.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Wars of the Roses 28mm Project (Part 3 - Commands)

I came back from the Hammerhead show last year with a handful of Perry's Wars of the Roses metal command figures. I unboxed them for storage and then forgot which were Lancastrians and which were Yorkists. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter too much, as they should all suit their purpose. I finally got round to painting them over the festive period. Most of the flags are printed straight from the internet, while some are from Pete's Flags on eBay. The Edward IV command is actually assembled from the plastic Perry's Foot Knights box by the way, but the rest are metal.

 Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset

 Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland

Edward IV

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Wars of the Roses 28mm project (part two)

This evening I completed the second mixed unit of Warwick's retinue. This was managed partly by taking some of my paints to work and doing a bit during my breaks. I'm really pleased with these figures. Perry miniatures are very versatile and using the plastic boxes sets to achieve various poses, weapons and heads really makes a difference visually.

I've also included here a picture of my command figures. Originally a generic Perry's commander and standard bearer I found in a box, I painted him as the ill fated the Earl of Warwick himself.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Wars of the Roses 28mm project (part one)

This is another 28mm Wars of the Roses Earl of Warwick unit I decided to build and paint. My old one was a much larger 44 figure unit, but after reading an old Wargames Illustrated back issue which included some smaller Bosworth units fielded by the Perry's I decided on using their example. Units are mixed archers and men at arms at 50/50 with archers at the front initially who then fall back behind the men at arms after firing. The article states they would then normally draw their hand weapons to support the forward section in melee.

All the figures in the photos are Perry Miniatures plastics, with the Warwick banner by Pete's Flags (available from eBay).

Friday, 11 October 2019

28mm Victrix Celt Chariot

One of the new 28mm Victrix Celt Chariots. Finished today. Bit of a rushed paint job, but I'm happy with it. The detailing on these figures are immense (check out the new Vikings range and compare them to the plastic Gripping Beast ones. Not knocking the latter of course).

Each Chariot pack comes as a set of three, so I'm really looking forward to painting the rest!

Monday, 7 October 2019

Painting again....

There has been a lengthy absense in my posts due to some huge life changes. I've been experiencing health problems again and due to this I'm living in a less than ideal place and trying to sort my life out. On the upside painting miniatures has become a bit of a lifeline. Not only is it helping with my mental stability, but it also provides a small extra income through commissions and selling painted stuff on eBay.

Anyway, below is a small selection of what's on the painting table right now. An eclectic bunch I know! At the front some Warlord BEF for WW2 which are a commission for my mate Steve, then on the right are some Perry's Wars of the Roses. Behind them are some Footsore Vikings with replacement metal spears. Top left are my Warlord Crimean War figures - very easy and a total joy to paint.