Sunday, 17 November 2019

Wars of the Roses 28mm project (part two)

This evening I completed the second mixed unit of Warwick's retinue. This was managed partly by taking some of my paints to work and doing a bit during my breaks. I'm really pleased with these figures. Perry miniatures are very versatile and using the plastic boxes sets to achieve various poses, weapons and heads really makes a difference visually.

I've also included here a picture of my command figures. Originally a generic Perry's commander and standard bearer I found in a box, I painted him as the ill fated the Earl of Warwick himself.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Wars of the Roses 28mm project (part one)

This is another 28mm Wars of the Roses Earl of Warwick unit I decided to build and paint. My old one was a much larger 44 figure unit, but after reading an old Wargames Illustrated back issue which included some smaller Bosworth units fielded by the Perry's I decided on using their example. Units are mixed archers and men at arms at 50/50 with archers at the front initially who then fall back behind the men at arms after firing. The article states they would then normally draw their hand weapons to support the forward section in melee.

All the figures in the photos are Perry Miniatures plastics, with the Warwick banner by Pete's Flags (available from eBay).

Friday, 11 October 2019

28mm Victrix Celt Chariot

One of the new 28mm Victrix Celt Chariots. Finished today. Bit of a rushed paint job, but I'm happy with it. The detailing on these figures are immense (check out the new Vikings range and compare them to the plastic Gripping Beast ones. Not knocking the latter of course).

Each Chariot pack comes as a set of three, so I'm really looking forward to painting the rest!

Monday, 7 October 2019

Painting again....

There has been a lengthy absense in my posts due to some huge life changes. I've been experiencing health problems again and due to this I'm living in a less than ideal place and trying to sort my life out. On the upside painting miniatures has become a bit of a lifeline. Not only is it helping with my mental stability, but it also provides a small extra income through commissions and selling painted stuff on eBay.

Anyway, below is a small selection of what's on the painting table right now. An eclectic bunch I know! At the front some Warlord BEF for WW2 which are a commission for my mate Steve, then on the right are some Perry's Wars of the Roses. Behind them are some Footsore Vikings with replacement metal spears. Top left are my Warlord Crimean War figures - very easy and a total joy to paint.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Rampant Days Event 27th April Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated magazine held their Rampant Ages event in Nottingham last weekend. The idea was to combine the Osprey blue book rulesets into a short campaign based around Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant and Pikeman's Lament. We were each partnered with another player in a different period or setting and points (in the form of Gold or Manna) would be placed into a team pot. After each game you both had the option of spending from the pot to buy extra units or perks, or just saving the points in the hope you would come out with the most at the end. I was distinctly lucky in the fact that my team mate was an absolute monster, and by the end of the first game he'd already won us seven points to my paltry two!

As you can see from the photos I decided on an early English medieval retinue, and brought along my Simon de Montfort figures I'd used at Evesham and Salute. I'd added a unit of archers, as it was imperative in Lion Rampant to have a ranged/missile element. They're excellent for hiding in terrain and taking shots at heavier units. Just don't leave them exposed to charges as they can be swept away easily. My crucial mistake on the day was using two units of Mounted Men at Arms. They're devastating in attack, but activating them takes a 7+ on 2d6. This let me down significantly in the first two games and they spent much of their turn sitting on their horses and looking pretty. Next time I'll take mounted Serjeants I think - less armour but easier to activate.

I have to make mention of one of my opponents lovely figures (see photo above). They are Claymore Castings Medieval Scots. They really do look superb and I'm considering ordering a few very soon.

Additional to my retinue was a group of religious figures I decided to bring along for fun! They didn't play any active part in the game, but I thought they looked great and fitted in nicely with the theme. It was a bit like saying "God is on my side!". Which as it turns out he certainly wasn't because much of my dice rolling was awful.

I won't go into great detail about the three scenarios we played, but I'll say that it was a really nice afternoon. The Rose and Crown pub in Lenton where it was held allowed us to use their big function room upstairs. Wargames Illustrated supplied tea and snacks as well as a hearty lunch. I'm not overly bothered that I lost (badly) in the campaign, as I had the chance to meet and chat with lots of other wargamers from all over the country. A total highlight of the weekend I think.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

15mm Napoleonic King's German Legion

I bought these chaps last year from the Hammerhead show bring n buy. They were a bargain at £8 for what turned out to be a whole brigade of unpainted Old Glory figures. It was intended to be a Christmas project while I'd been too ill to go out very much. It was speed painted in batches because I'd found taking ages on cuffs, collars, buttons and god knows what would mean I'd probably never get them completed. I also took note of the late great Donald Featherstone's feelings on this matter, which was something along the lines of 'get some paint on them and get them on the table!'. Further to this the sharp eyed amongst you may have also noticed I use gloss varnish. The reason for this is several. They don't chip easily - I've already dropped a stand twice onto a concrete floor with nothing more serious than a couple of bent bayonets. Also I absolutely adore the old school look of glossy painted armies. Which to me holds great charm.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Spirit Games Burton on Trent UK

Over the Bank Holiday myself and Robin took advantage of the barmy weather to pay a visit to Spirit Games in Burton on Trent. I had never been before but heard great things about its Aladdin's Cave type quality and stockist of old school wargaming gems. 

The shop is deceptively large and stretches into a back area along a corridor of hundreds of fantasy Reaper Miniatures figures (a popular choice apparently). In the 'Wargaming Room' I found what I was looking in for in the shape of hundreds or possibly thousands of 15mm Essex miniatures and others. After standing a bit bug eyed for ten minutes I dived in and found boxes of Seven Years War and AWI stuff I needed. Although a problem came about when it was revealed by a helpful store assistant that I needed to scrabble around with a pen and cross off my purchases from a stock list contained in each box. Also seeking out specific figures involved cross referencing them against a pile of catalogues on the side ("what?? No electronic stock system??" I grumbled to myself). After informing Robin I may be sometime I jumped back into things to get what I needed. For me, this sort of delving brings out all kinds of rewards if you persist long enough. Literally hidden underneath a set of draws were several trays of lovely old Hinchliffe models that immediately filled me with heady nostalgia and an urge to get out my credit card.

After sorting out my 15mm armies I then let myself wander a bit around the room, randomly rooting in boxes and peering up at shelves. Robin came back with his Reaper Minis and immediately pointed upwards to a couple of boxes of aircraft and exclaimed "bloody hell, they were deleted years ago!". We both laughed when we also noted that the prices hadn't been changed to reflect their current collectability.

If you're passing through Burton on Trent (the brewery is a tourist hot spot if you're into that) Spirit Games is worth poking around in. However, if you're expecting orderly stock and consumer ease then it's probably not your thing. Especially if you've got a bad back or a dust allergy. Speaking on my own behalf I loved it!!