Friday, 8 July 2011

15mm Seven Years War Russian Infantry.

These are my newly aquired Seven Years War Russian Infantry. The models are a mix of Old Glory 15's and Lancashire games. The flags were all taken from images I found on the internet and then played around with in Photoshop. I've managed to finish ten regiments so far which we'll use for our Battle of Zorndorf game in early September.


  1. Great stuff!! The 7YW was my first ever dabble into the world of wargaming many moons ago, and I still love to play the period. What rules are you going to use?

  2. We use "Die Kriegskunst" rules. People in the club have played a lot of General De Brigade in the past, so are quite familiar with the basic dynamics. I agree, it's a great period. Fantastic uniforms, marching columns and flags flying! Looks fantastic on the tabletop.