Saturday, 21 May 2011

Triples Wargames Show. Sheffield May 21st/22nd

Got back from Triples earlier today. My first time there and was quite overwhelmed with the stuff that was on offer. Some fantastic deals on miniatures plus a great selection of truly mindblowing demonstration and display games. I've enclosed a few photos here. The Battle of Towton in 6mm using 'Poleaxed 2' rules was a sight to behold. Here's a link to their website with a feature of the show Also loved 25mm Lutzen 1813 with Bramley Barn/Legendary Wargames using Elite and Calpe miniatures, plus also saw a nice 28mm Marlbourian game. Burton and District Wargamers did Cropredy Bridge in 28mm ECW that was outstanding too. I came away with some nice purchases. Never thought I'd be arriving home with a full 15mm Anglo-Saxon army, but after my friend Darren kept waving around his recently bought Norman Army in front of my face and saying "C'mon. Battle of Hastings mate!" it was hard to resist. Both armies were part of a deal from Two Dragons Productions. Anyway, enjoy the photos and get along this Sunday if you can!


  1. Wow! Inspirational photos of great looking games. I particularly like those Viking ships and the water they're on. Dean

  2. Some great photos, sounds like you had a great time!!