Monday, 23 April 2012

Russian Jägers - 28mm Napoleonics

Russian Jagers, all 28mm Front Rank figures. I'm loving the Front Rank stuff at the moment. They combine quality, cost and service very well. Another added bonus is that I can mix infantry and command models easily with my existing Foundry figures without it being too noticeable. Had some difficulty finding plates for Russian Jager uniforms of this period though, so ended up using a similar colour scheme from pics of models on someone else's site (Greystreak's I think? They looked very nice anyway!).

Friday, 20 April 2012

Russian Napoleonic Infantry - 28mm

These are Foundry Russian Napoleonic Infantry, with a Front Rank command base (actually the latter are Spanish painted as Russian, because they had the tall Shakos not dissimilar to the ones required). The flag is copied direct from the 'Napoleon' Ruleset which has a number available in the back along with a painting guide. At 32 models per regiment it's one of the largest I've done so far. I'm very pleased with the results and enjoyed painting them, which took me about 3 weeks.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Russian Napoleonic High Command - 28mm Foundry

Plotting over a map table, on how to outwit those wily Frenchmen. This is my first set of figures for what I hope to be a large 28mm Napoleonic Russian Army. They come as a Foundry Miniatures blister pack. We've played plenty of French vs Russian in 15mm at the club, but not in 28mm due to a lack of Russians in the larger scale. I'm tempted to order some Warlord or Perry box sets now they're available, just to start bulking things out a bit.