Sunday, 4 September 2011

Partizan Wargames Show. Newark, UK. 4th Sept.

Got back from Partizan earlier this afternoon. A great show in lovely surroundings at Kelham Hall (about 1.5 miles from Newark). Picked up everything that remained on my list for the upcoming Zorndorf game. Including some cracking 15mm Russian Cossacks from a Polish company called 'Fire and Sword' impressive presentation box which included metal bases, 18 riders and mounts, metal spear/standards and 3 flags. All for £16.50. Also grabbed some generals and artillery and another box of Russian infantry from Lancashire games. Some fantastic display games which included (top) The Battle of Sedgemoor 1685 and (further down) a nice snow covered Battle for Rodt 1944 using Panzer Marsche! rules.

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