Thursday, 21 July 2011

"FIRE!" - Photos from 15mm Peninsular game.

Wednesday night saw a 15mm Napoleonic Peninsular game (Battle of Castalla 1813). French against Spanish, Sicillian and British troops. The top photograph captures a rare moment of outlandish luck on my behalf. A charge by Spanish cavalry against my column of wily Frenchmen saw the latter form square, but faltering as the enemy came in. Normally this would be a disaster but somehow I managed a double 6 on the melee and Paul's Cavalry scoring low. Result was the cavalry became routed, and exited the field. I'll admit that the Spanish troops had inferior mounts and were conscripts (in Lord Cardigan's term: "Knackered tailors on stub donkeys") but I would have still normally been trounced.

Second photo is a view from the French Battery as the British start to bring across their left flank. The game was a victory for the French who managed to press the centre of the allied line until it gave way, forcing a retreat back into the hills.


  1. Luck's a fortune and you had it that night! Sometimes the best laid plans are upset by the roll of the dice. I know that the hard way!

    Interesting terrain; are they tiles? What is the texture you used?

  2. The terrain is 2ft by 2ft Square boards coated with what appears to be fine wood shavings and green paint (if I'm not mistaken). They were bought several years ago for the club and have lasted really well.