Monday, 20 June 2011

Photos from Phalanx 2011

Enclosed are some more pictures I took at Phalanx 2011 (St. Helens near Liverpool). There are some shots of a nicely done Indian Mutiny game, a large Western game with some superbly painted American Indians and a huge Seven Years War game. I was really impressed with the latter. Loads of effort gone into the game, and the terrain with its redoubts and defences was top notch. The figures were by Front Rank and Irregular. All 28mm. Whilst there I managed to buy a few additions to my soon-to-be-started 15mm Wars of the Roses Army, a load of Russian SYW and some Perry's French Napoleonic Light Horse Artillery. A brief mention has to go to Kallistra Miniatures for giving me a sample of their nice new upcoming 10mm/12mm American Civil War range!

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