Saturday, 11 June 2011

28mm French Line Infantry (Front Rank and Foundry)

Here's another recently painted 28mm French Line Regiment. The skirmishers, standard, officer and drummer are all Front Rank miniatures whilst the Sappeur (you can just see him in there) is a Victrix metal figure. The rest are all from Foundry. I've started picking up more Front Rank stuff as the price increases with Foundry are difficult to keep up with. Great models but it seems the only time I can afford them these days is when they have a sale or offer on. I've noticed Front Rank mix in great with the figures I already have (being chunky, small 28's). Anyway, I've really enjoyed painting these up and look forward to getting them on the table with the rest.


  1. These are great; I love Front Rank - I have no problem mixing them on the table with plastic Victrix & Perrys I have. Regards, Dean

  2. Nice and menacing. What you could except from Napoleonic Frenchies ^^