Sunday, 30 June 2013

Battle of Ladonchamps 1870 - Franco Prussian War 10mm

Today our friend Mark came up from London to put on a large club game using his excellent Franco-Prussian 10mm figures, and his Hexon II hex terrain. Also in attendence was Paul from Kallistra Ltd who produces the latter. The scenario concerned the breakout plans of the French army from Metz, which were eventually downgraded to a 'giant raid' on farm complexes across their front which they suspected the Prussians were using as food stores. This was deemed essential by the French staff as most of their troops were beginning to starve.
The Prussian army were in a strong defensive position having thrown up earthworks and fortifications around the besieged area. However their weakness was in having mainly Landwehr forces strung out along the front and being caught by surprise by the opposition as they rolled forwards. In the real battle the French army were held in check, although at heavy cost. Today's game was no different. The French powered forwards proving their Chassepot rifles to be formidable at range, whilst the saviour of the Prussians happened to be their defensive structures and superior artillery.
The ruleset we used  ('1870' from Grand Tactical Rules) definitely emphasized these aspects. A lot of firepower and very, very bloody. The French in our scenario flung much of their force against the Prussian center whilst sending out divisions on either flank - one to cross the river and cut off the Prussian's communication with their other corps, and another through the forested and hilly area on the Prussian right. Both came very close to success, but were thrown back by fierce counter attacks. At one point the French flag flew briefly over the last of the farmhouses only to be surrounded and wiped out by a sea of Prussian Blue.
All in all, a fantastic day with lots of 'edge of your seat' moments.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sons of Simon de Montfort Wargaming Club Facebook

The Sons of Simon de Montfort Wargaming Club near Loughborough (UK) finally have an official Facebook page. As some of those who follow this blog regularly are already aware, this is our local Club. We recently moved into the rather plush surroundings of Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse, Leicestershire where we hold our regular week day games every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm. We're always open to inter-club tournaments, or to provide a game or two for passing visitors to the area. Between all the members we have quite an extensive coverage of periods and rulesets. You can even drop by with one of your own favourite games and gather some interest.

The Facebook link is here:

If you already have an FB profile, then please show us some support and 'Like' the page.


(Above photo taken from 'The Battle of Belgrade' 1456)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Indian War Party 28mm

Part of my AW Miniatures 28mm Indian War Party I bought from their stand at Triples this year. Great figures and a fantastic price at only £20 for a bag of twenty. The running figure on the far left is the only one that comes as separates (both arms, so you pose them as you see fit). I didn't have internet access for the few weeks I'd been painting these, and only later did someone mention the highly detailed descriptions of FIW Indian dress and warpaint on the Galloping Major site. Nevertheless I had some pics from old copies of Wargames Illustrated to fall back on at least. I used Vallejo Cavalry Brown for the flesh and Brown Sand for the buckskin breeches. We've a club game coming up in about a month's time where these guys will get their first taste of combat against the English Regulars.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Napoleonic Imperial Guard Artillery Bearskin (Reproduction)

I received this through the post last week after winning it on the Vectis Auctions website. I was browsing through their usual listings of toys and military models and was surprised to find a few bits and pieces being sold by re-enactors. I managed to secure this for only £25 plus postage. It's a bit shabby and was apparently made during the 1980's, but with a brush and clean it should look nice on top of my bookcase in the new house. Holding this in your hands gives us some idea of how uncomfortable it must have been to wear one from day to day, but also it's pretty sturdy and highlights how protective they were against sword cuts etc.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

U.S 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Memorial Nottingham

Myself and my partner visited Wollaton Hall in Nottingham last weekend. As well as enjoying a bright sunny day at the deer park, I also took the opportunity to photograph the 508th P.I.R memorial which is situated in the grounds. As many will probably know the 508th were stationed there in 1944 prior to their being sent to Normandy, and Holland. There are quite a few photos on the web of their camp on the Hall grounds. Including the above one of an infantryman about to undergo his combat training.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Viking Hirdmen 28mm

I bought a few packs of Crusader Miniatures 28mm Viking Hirdmen from the Colonel Bill's stand at Triples a few weeks back. I finished painting a few after the stresses and strains of moving house. Naturally a new painting area and hobby room was one of the essentials to arrange. I've taken time on all the Saga and Muskets + Tomahawks figures I picked up from the above show (you can see the rest lurking in the background, in various stages of completion). I must say, painting individual figures makes a nice change from batches of Napoleonics. I'll post up more pics when our internet is finally back up and running and I don't have to rely on the local library services!