Friday, 21 June 2013

Indian War Party 28mm

Part of my AW Miniatures 28mm Indian War Party I bought from their stand at Triples this year. Great figures and a fantastic price at only £20 for a bag of twenty. The running figure on the far left is the only one that comes as separates (both arms, so you pose them as you see fit). I didn't have internet access for the few weeks I'd been painting these, and only later did someone mention the highly detailed descriptions of FIW Indian dress and warpaint on the Galloping Major site. Nevertheless I had some pics from old copies of Wargames Illustrated to fall back on at least. I used Vallejo Cavalry Brown for the flesh and Brown Sand for the buckskin breeches. We've a club game coming up in about a month's time where these guys will get their first taste of combat against the English Regulars.


  1. great work I have a load of these being prepped at the moment.

  2. Excellently painted native. I have yet to try my hand at them. I like uniforms too much :)! Best, Dean