Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Napoleonic Imperial Guard Artillery Bearskin (Reproduction)

I received this through the post last week after winning it on the Vectis Auctions website. I was browsing through their usual listings of toys and military models and was surprised to find a few bits and pieces being sold by re-enactors. I managed to secure this for only £25 plus postage. It's a bit shabby and was apparently made during the 1980's, but with a brush and clean it should look nice on top of my bookcase in the new house. Holding this in your hands gives us some idea of how uncomfortable it must have been to wear one from day to day, but also it's pretty sturdy and highlights how protective they were against sword cuts etc.

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  1. Wow - fabulous! A great price too. I bet it was heavy and hot to wear. Best, Dean