Friday, 7 June 2013

Viking Hirdmen 28mm

I bought a few packs of Crusader Miniatures 28mm Viking Hirdmen from the Colonel Bill's stand at Triples a few weeks back. I finished painting a few after the stresses and strains of moving house. Naturally a new painting area and hobby room was one of the essentials to arrange. I've taken time on all the Saga and Muskets + Tomahawks figures I picked up from the above show (you can see the rest lurking in the background, in various stages of completion). I must say, painting individual figures makes a nice change from batches of Napoleonics. I'll post up more pics when our internet is finally back up and running and I don't have to rely on the local library services!


  1. Nice figures and painting. I've used my Crusader Saxons two-handed guys as Vikings. Best, Dean

  2. looking great gratz on the move and new painting space