Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sons of Simon de Montfort Wargaming Club Facebook

The Sons of Simon de Montfort Wargaming Club near Loughborough (UK) finally have an official Facebook page. As some of those who follow this blog regularly are already aware, this is our local Club. We recently moved into the rather plush surroundings of Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse, Leicestershire where we hold our regular week day games every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm. We're always open to inter-club tournaments, or to provide a game or two for passing visitors to the area. Between all the members we have quite an extensive coverage of periods and rulesets. You can even drop by with one of your own favourite games and gather some interest.

The Facebook link is here:

If you already have an FB profile, then please show us some support and 'Like' the page.


(Above photo taken from 'The Battle of Belgrade' 1456)

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