Wednesday, 28 July 2010

U.S. Airbourne vs Panzergrenadiers: Cauldron Battle.

Last night's battle saw my Panzergrenadiers pitched against Kev's U.S. Airbourne. The Cauldron scenario in the Flames of War rulebook had the defender protecting two objective markers in the centre of the board. I was the attacker whilst Kev set up half his army in this area - leaving some in reserve and one unit in ambush.

There was plenty of armour clashes as his Cromwell's sprang the ambush on my Panzers. Luckily I countered by bringing on my Stug G assault guns and caught him in the flank. One of the above pictures is right at that precise moment, with a Cromwell in the background 'brewing up'.
Unfortunately he wreaked his revenge by pounding my Panzers across the other side in a similar move (the hunter becoming the hunted so to speak!). He then kept my Stug's at bay with bazookas dug-in along the treeline, although I did manage to throw him off the objective at one point in an assault, he bailed all three of my vehicles with the crews doing a runner. My artillery also gave him a bloody nose by covering the advance to the objective and making sure his infantry in the nearby buildings couldn't get close enough to use their Gammon Bombs.

The final round came upon us, and it was (for me) a case of being "so near, yet so far". Well done to Kev for a staunch defence!


  1. How do Cromwells show up in a U.S. Airborne vs. Panzergrenadier game?

  2. good old stugs taking out cromwells i love it looks like a fun time, nice pics

  3. Sounds like a top ol' sort of game, bit bloody huh? Looks like a close run thing though.

    Brewing up, brewing up? Theres no time for a cuppa with so much lead flying around. ;-)

    Hows those Naps coming along?


  4. Ken. I'm assuming it was a support option re: the appearance of the Cromwells. He was using the lists supplied in 'Hell's Highway' I think.

    PP. The Naps are coming along slowly but surely! Will have more pictures soon.

    Next week it's Korean Air War!!! (Check Your 6 ruleset). I'll post an update.