Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jagdpanther - Imperial War Museum

Photograph from my visit today. As anyone knows, the Imperial War Museum in London is a must see. I'm sure some of you have been to the place a thousand times before, but I thought I'd post this up here. The picture beneath shows the three holes made in the right side armour which must have disabled it. Not pictured is a slightly larger piercing in the vehicles right corner rear.


  1. Im pretty sure I saw that vehicle, about 3 inches of the LHS (facing the front) of it on the news today, someone was being interviewed in regard to the new cemetery for the Anzacs in Frommel (sp). I was jumping up and down yelling pan right it's a panther it's a panther. Tell me is there some sort of med soviet tank to the left, Im sure that is what I was looking at. Wasn't a bad guess, did you get a pic of a panther? Lucky dog.

  2. I saw the exhibition about the new cemetery at Frommel. It's extremely moving. You were were right about the Russian tank to the left, it's a T34.

  3. Yes it has been big news here in Oz, I was under the impression the museum they were holding the interview in was in France (had my panther goggles on, not paying attention) somewhere around the new cemetery, thanks for sorting that out for me, what a coincidence. I really should save some shekels and visit the relatives, of course it will just be an excuse to go to the wargames shows and the museums.