Friday, 20 August 2010

German 15mm Panther A's.

Apologies for the slight delay in updates (I was away on holiday). A couple of nights before I left I put the finishing touches to the remainder of my Panther A tanks. I'd only completed one previously and the rest were kicking around waiting to join their chum.
As with most of my Flames of War stuff, I do a black undercoat first. Next I block brushed these in middlestone yellow, then added some white to the mix for highlights. The tracks are drybrushed in gunmetal - sometimes covered with black ink to pick out the detail. The camouflage is a simple one. Not having ever used a spraygun (I should perhaps give it a whirl. But as they say, I'm an old dog and it's a very new trick) I opt for cutting an old paintbrush down to a stub and then 'stippling' the camo pattern. Given that camouflage is rarely neat, and its intention is to break up the outline of an object, it seems to work quite well. The colours I used were a Humbrol Green (102) and a 70/30 mix of GW Dark Flesh and Bestial Brown.
These fellas have yet to be tested on the battlefield (and they're expensive points-wise) but they're a nice addition nonetheless. As a footnote, every time I look at these Panthers I'm reminded of reading Sven Hassel books while I was at school.

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