Thursday, 22 July 2010

Sons of Simon De Montfort Wargames Club

Last night was the second week I'd attended the local Wargames club in Quorn (see their website Sons of Simon De Montfort). The picture above is of our game using the ruleset 'Napoleon'. I was quite impressed with how quick and easy they were to understand. We got quite a solid game within the three hours we had, utilizing Ian's French and Simon's Austrian's. In the photograph, you can see the moment when the French Infantry fell victim to the Austrian cannons in the centre. What isn't shown is the later cavalry clash as the French Hussars attempted to roll up the Austrian left flank. Despite these heroics the French were finally flung back in disarray.

The French were mainly Victrix and Perry's while the Austrian's (pictured at the top) were mainly Foundry Miniatures. The paint job on the latter were superb, apparently done by a guy in Sri Lanka!


  1. Absolutely stunning figures. I am particularly impressed with the green fade on the hussars' shakos. Dean

  2. Hay Matt if you can get to sheffield next Sat there is a get together of painters google Sheffield irregulars, I am running a demo game