Saturday, 10 July 2010

Undercoating Plus French Captain and Line Infantry

Completed the French Line Infantry Captain and his compatriots above. The ghostly apparitions in the background are the ones I undercoated this evening. One thing I noticed when using the Army Painter Base White Matt Primer spray, is that it's leaving a rather chalky finish. I'm not sure why this is happening (any suggestions would be appreciated) but if it continues I'll probably switch back to using GW sprays.

After gluing the assembled models on lollipop sticks, I've been blu-tacking them to a small upturned biscuit tin. This enables me to hold the thing from beneath and move it around as I spray. I've found it quite handy in being able to get into the difficult areas (under arms etc) and achieve complete coverage.

Some of the books I brought back from London include 'Toulon 1793 - Napoleon's first great victory' (Osprey), and 'Fighters Against Fascism - British Heroes of the Spanish Civil War' by Max Arthur (Collins). The Waterstones Bookshop just off Picadilly Circus is the biggest of its kind in Europe and boasts an awe inspiring military section.

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