Friday, 12 April 2013

Battle of Waterloo - Commemorative cigarette card set

Just back from London where I picked up this nice Battle of Waterloo cigarette card set. You'll have to excuse the slightly off-center ones, as it's only in its temporary plastic cover at the moment and I was basically lugging it around with me on the return journey home. Originally produced in 1915 for the centenary it was withdrawn due to the possibility of offending our French allies (!). This is the reprint from 1990 and cost me just £25 from Stephen Wheeler's Medal shop near Leicester Square. As far as I know they still have a lovely glass framed set in the window for £95. I'm of the opinion they'd look fantastic hanging in a study or games room. I also purchased some nice WW1 photographs, a German Black enamel wound badge and a German Military pass (precursor to the WW2 Soldbuch) at an absolutely bargain price. If you're ever passing through the city it's definitely worth checking out, and easy to find. His details are: Stephen Wheeler Medals. 20 Cecil Court. Leicester Square. London. WC2N 4HE. Tel: 07778 848555. He doesn't have a website, but opening hours are usually Wednesday to Saturday (Monday you'll find his stall in Covent Garden).


  1. That really is jolly smart indeed! :-)

  2. Good find. I have the same set, purchased framed about 30 years ago. Unfortunately, my grandson broke the frame and damaged the mount. Would anyone know where I could acquire the mount, or someone who could cut me a mount?