Friday, 19 April 2013

More Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers

Here's the second batch from the Victrix box of Old Guard Grenadiers. That makes two regiments, and along with my Chasseurs, should be enough for the upcoming Sunday club game. Hopefully they'll perform well! Despite cursing plastics a few months back and saying to myself that I'd never buy them again, the current economic downturn (mine in particular) means that I've bought several boxes in order to complete the Napoleonic army I always wanted. If I added it all up, had I bought the equivalent in metal I'd have coughed up several hundred quid more than what I paid for in plastic. At the end of the day it keeps me gaming and prevents me sliding into poverty. It's always sad to hear of fellow hobbyists selling off the figures they worked hard to collect and paint in order to cover unexpected bills or other debts.

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