Monday, 6 September 2010

French Line Infantry Completed.

Today I managed to complete my first unit of French Line Infantry (1807-1812). These are the plastic Victrix ones I started a while back. Time hasn't exactly been on my side, but I've usually found a couple of hours a night at least. Looking back I'd say having to assemble these does take patience and occasionally whilst cropping away at a growing pile of arms and knapsacks I began to wonder if I should've paid the extra and bought a metal army instead. Nevertheless, I'm really happy with the finished item. I've two boxes of Perry's cavalry (Hussars and Dragoons) plus three metal cannons from Foundry, so maybe I'll set to work on these next.
The local Wargames club ( have hosted some great evenings over the last few weeks. Some standout battles were the 'Valley of Tears' (arab israeli war, using Battlefront rules) and one set during the English Civil War featuring Montrose Irish against Parliament forces using '1644' rules. Next week will feature 15mm Napoleonics (General De Brigade). I'll try and remember my camera this time!

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