Thursday, 9 September 2010

15mm Napoleonic Battle ('General de Brigade')

The photographs above were taken from last night's battle at the Wargames Club using the 'General de Brigade' Rules for 15mm. It was a scenario taken from the rulebook and set during the Peninsular Campaign. Main feature was a huge hill with a horde of French perched on top and a smaller British force being tasked to hold them until reinforcements arrive later in the game and give them a bloody nose. The French were to wait until the weather conditions lifted (fog - lifted on turn 17 or on the roll of a 6 on d6) and then withdraw from the field.
The second picture shows the moment British skirmishers make contact with the French behind cover just on the crest. This particular British unit showed its mettle by later receiving fire from French muskets in the front and left flank, along with cannon on its right. A 'refuse flank order' had meant it couldn't step back and reform, but had to slug it out mercilessly. To their credit they made the French pay heavily, and only dispersed once they'd reached 50% casualties. An action that someone said would definitely have been recorded in regimental history!

The Foundry 12lb French cannons and crew are finally on the painting table. I'll post pictures after the weekend.....

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