Wednesday, 22 September 2010

French Line Artillery 12lb Cannons and Crew

Finished these yesterday, just in time for our first game of 'Republic to Empire' at Quorn Wargames Club. The crew and pieces are all Foundry Miniatures. 12lb cannons and personnel all late line artillery in full dress uniform. I did some digging around in a couple of books (primarily New Vanguard 066 - Napoleons Guns 1792-1815 (1) Field Artillery) and found some pictures I managed to work from. The one thing that slightly threw me was the single fringed eppaulette on the left shoulder of the officer figures. All the pictures I found displayed both eppaulettes - maybe someone could enlighten me on why there may be just one?
The paints I used were all vallejo, using Dark Prussian Blue for the main uniform. The wood on the gun carriage was painted in Olive Drab with the metal details picked out in black (as shown in the New Vanguard book). I also used Army Painter again, but this time using a brush rather than the dip method.


  1. Nice battery. According to Haythornwaite's Uniforms of the Retreat from Moscow, officers' epaulette rank was: Colonel, two w/heavy fringes; Major, as Colonel but w/silver straps; Chef de Bn, as Colonel but fringe on left only; Captain as the previous but w/thin fringe; Capt. Adjutant-Major, as Captain but w/fringe on right only; Lieutenant, as Captain but w/red stripe along strap; Sub-Lieutenant as Lieutenant but w/two red stripes. Enjoy! Dean

  2. Ah! Thanks for the info dean!