Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Scratch Built 28mm Afghan Compound

My very first successful attempt at making a building has resulted in my knocking together this Afghan Compound. I'd been reading through Matakishi's Tea House Blog ( and was impressed by how effortless he seemed to put together his own buildings for a similar modern Afghan game. Anyway, feeling a bit "brave" (I'd tried to create my own terrain for Warhammer in my schooldays and it looked terrible) I went out and bought a load of foam card and filler.

Luckily the instructions on the Matakishi Blog are really straightforward and it gave me great confidence that I could make some useful at least. I cut almost everything out in the pattern apart from a set of stairs which looked a bit difficult, and then used pva glue and cocktail sticks to hold it all in place. My only problem was by using foamcard (instead of corkboard) the material did tend to warp very slightly once painted. This led to slight gaps between joins etc. However I did manage to hide these with some more pva glue and extra filler. I also used small amounts of filler lightly spread across the walls to give a textured effect. When it was dry I then painted it with Colour Party Dry Earth and highlighted it with a block brush of 50% Earth and 50% white.

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