Thursday, 22 October 2015

Black Dragon Miniatures Hinckley, Leicestershire UK

My partner and I were heading into Hinckley to go through some Parish records the other week. Whilst she was busying herself with the research I was given leave to wander around the shops for a couple of hours. "What the hell is there in Hinckley?" I asked myself. Thinking I'd be restricted to a DiY store and maybe a Costa Coffee. Surprise surprise, but across the road from the town library just happened to be one of the best and biggest Wargaming stores I'd ever seen. How on earth did I not hear of this manifestation right on the doorstep?

Stepping inside it was obvious they've given a large consideration to 28mm Historical wargaming as well as the usual Warhammer Fantasy and Sci Fi selections. Therefore I was pleased to see a huge range of Warlord, Perrys and Gripping Beast to choose from. Also what bowled me over was the light and space. This is certainly not a dim forbidding hobbit hole that some others seem to be. Instead it's almost a gamers dream with plenty of nicely designed terrain tables, clean atmosphere and helpful, friendly staff.

Talking to one of the guys, he said that the store had only been open since last December (so almost a year) and had lots of regular gaming nights and tournaments.

Check out their address, opening times and other details here:

In a time when brick-and-mortar stores seem to be on the decline, it's heartening to see a few still springing up now and again. I think the key aspect is promoting these places as community gaming hubs, whilst carrying the kind of stock to still keep it viable as a business. Like the staff guy mentioned, their stock is dictated by what local gamers are interested in and the games they come into the store to play.

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  1. Thanks for posting. That is great, and I will certainly visit if I end up in that part of the country...