Thursday, 11 June 2015

15mm Ansar Camelry (and the Trials of Living with a Miniature Painter)

Here's some more of my Peter Pig 15mm Sudan Ansar. The bases on these are not quite finished. I've been painting every chance I get during the past few weeks, and the Ansar army is near to completion. Just a few more horse and command bases...then I'm straight on to the British.

You may notice the state of my laptop keyboard in the above photo. It's been a (bad) habit of mine to use my computer as a mini mobile paint station. This is because I can sit in the living room, where there's plenty of light, whilst my partner watches her programmes on the TV. It also means I can stick the headphones in and catch up on a few history documentaries or films when I'm painting away. The downside is that I've a tendency to get paint literally everywhere I go. The other day I narrowly avoided destroying the laptop altogether when I spilt superglue across it.

It struck me that over the years I've wreaked a certain amount of havoc with my hobby pursuits. So here's a list of the ones I remember:

- Hacking into the living room carpet with a craft knife, then trying to fix it with PVA glue.

- Realising that I don't own a pair of jeans that don't have paint on them. I even managed to get green paint on a new leather belt I bought the other week.

- Accidentally spraying GW Chaos Black onto the hallway floor of the old Flat I used to live in. I tried to hide it by spraying the carpet again with a similar shade of Grey (the landlady never noticed thankfully).

- Getting Vallejo White on one of the Cat's tails. No idea how this one happened.

- As a kid I dropped the lid of some Humbrol Enamel onto a new duvet cover, then tried to get it off with white spirit. It was difficult to disguise the toxic smell once my parents came home, and I was subsequently banished to the garage for about 6 months. Which was like Siberia but full of old engine parts.

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