Tuesday, 30 June 2015

1/3000 WW2 Italian Battleships with Aircraft

Today's painting project is complete. These are the last few of my Mick Yarrow 1/3000 Italian Battleships (Roma and Vittoria Veneto), so now I've a considerable collection which should help towards future Naval games at the club. Also featured are my first 1/600 SM79 Torpedo bombers from Tumbling Dice UK.

To create the flight stands I used some mdf bases with a 1p coin glued to each, so as to add weight and balance. Next I took some large paper clips and stretched them into lengths of approximately 6cm (one large clip should make two stands). I bent each at the bottom into a 'flat hook' and super glued it onto the coin, then put filler across the coin and base to hide it. While they dried I cut very small, short lengths of hollow biro re-fill and super glued these to the underside of each aircraft.

This means I can pop the planes onto alternative flight stands if I should ever feel the need. I painted each stand with a sea effect, as I'll be primarily using these for naval games.

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