Wednesday, 27 May 2015

15mm Sudan Campaign Ansar

As a break from all the Naval wargaming I thought I'd show how the 15mm Ansar army is progressing. I've managed to finish another couple of units of Hadendoa (Fuzzy Wuzzies) which are shown here in the foreground. These are all Old Glory figures, whereas the ordinary Dervish in the background are both OG and Peter Pig. They've been easy to paint, however you do need a huge amount to balance the forces against the British.

Further to my Sudan obsession I've completed the book by Henry Keown-Boyd "A Good Dusting". If you've an interest in the period and haven't got it, I'd consider it essential. An absolutely rip-roaring read full of the fear, determination and heroism displayed by all sides in the conflict.


  1. I have been painting 20mm Sudan armies. It becomes an obsession, doesn't it. :)

  2. Absolutely John. I think the finished item is great, especially the masses of Mahdists with their flags etc.