Sunday, 8 March 2015

6mm Baccus Britsh Napoleonic Infantry

These are my first attempts at painting 6mm. I jumped in at the deep-end by purchasing a Baccus Napoleonic Wars Boxed set at the Hammerhead Show last week. For those unfamiliar with their Army Boxes you get a huge amount of stuff for the £95 cost. Two complete armies (I chose the French and British) totalling almost 800 figures in all, several 6mm resin buildings, two flag sets, bases and the Polemos Rules. When you work it out you get roughly the ruleset and some other bits for free.

There's a few of my friends who recoil from 6mm, feeling that they're just "painting blobs of metal", but the detail on these Baccus casts are really phenomenal for their size. Also, having painted a lot of 10mm stuff it's not such a big deal.

Other than the obvious money saving (800 28mm figures would be?...a fortune I imagine), I like the way they give the perception of 'mass' on the tabletop. I'm likewise looking forward to putting on a few games where I can cover a good section of the battlefield.

Despite the continuing aesthetic appeal of 28mm, I'm glad I picked these little chaps up and I'm sure I'll be collecting more of them in the future.


  1. Fantastic painting, you've really got the knack of painting 6mm very quickly. I used to spurn 6mm as the work of Satan, but, now I'm a complete convert and really enjoy painting them. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

  2. Good work!
    If you are interested in 6mm Naps wander over to:

  3. I'm heading down much the same path except with ACW.

    See my blog at:

  4. They look really nice; doing the same for my 1815 project. I only really tend to paint and play in 6mm now. Makes a 6x4 playing area feel a lot bigger.

  5. Thanks guys! I've just signed up to the Perfect Six forum and now following Jim's Blog too :)

  6. Very nice paint work and basing.
    Using 60mm x 30mm bases by the looks of it.