Tuesday, 31 March 2015

15mm Battle of Talana Boer War Game

Last Sunday's Boer war game, using 'Battles for Empire' Rules. Below is Dave's write up which definitely reflects the fun and comic frustrations of this early clash between the disciplined Brits and doughty Boers!

"Morning dawned and the Boer artillery on Talana and Lennox Hills opened fire on the confused Brits in their encampment and town of Dundee. the Boers commanded by Chris, karl, and Paul solidly held the hills and hit back, the Brits Barry, Gary, and Matt attacked and after a heroic resistance by karl, Barry swept on to the hill having suffered horrendous casualties from Boer marksmen and artillery (and Karl throwing huge number of 6’s). but by that time Paul led another force of Boers on to a flank and fought their way into the town. All agreed the Brits had lost although would have got most of their surviving forces away south to Ladysmith.
All said they thoroughly enjoyed the game and that it was well balanced with both sides attacking and defending on different parts of the field.

I greatly enjoyed setting up the game and seeing the stresses and strains as the game progressed with curses in Afrikaans and plenty of ‘I say’s’ .

Key points in the game. 
 Barrys heroic attack and capture of Talana hill.

Karls heroic defence of Talana Hill
 Pauls aggressive attack into Dundee 
 Garys charge with the 18th Hussars onto the slag heap. 
 Karls dice rolling.
 Karl moving a pom pom artillery piece which had been set up in a good dominating position on to the hill so it could be blown to bits by the massed British artillery leaving a hole in the defensive line, a masterstroke!! (He said he had listened to Chris advice on this, eh!!!)"


  1. Excellent. Looked to be both a fun and interesting battle. Well done.

  2. Great looking game and figures, Matt. Nicely done.

  3. All credit to Dave for supplying both armies. The artillery and limbers looked especially nice.

  4. Great looking game, beautiful pictures!