Monday, 27 October 2014

Late Crusader Commander and Standard Bearer - 28mm

These are both slightly converted figures using Fireforge Mounted Sergeants and Conquest Games Norman Knights boxed sets. They were mainly leftover from the haul I bought from the Triples Bring n Buy and thought they'd be perfect for playing Lion Rampant or Crescent and Cross. The standard isn't historically accurate and was made simply to fit the general colour scheme I'd chosen. After reading some background history on the Crusades I was aware of the vast amount of those knights who "took the cross", enough to guess that there was likely a huge array of different banners and standards on each campaign.

The paint I used was a Vallejo Flat Blue and Vallejo Flat Yellow, after which I used a Citadel Agrax Earth Shade ink wash. Lastly I added some White to the original colours to produce a highlight.

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