Tuesday, 14 October 2014

King Richard III and WotR Archers 28mm

The first photo was taken at our Club night last week when we decided to put on a brief Wars of the Roses game for the benefit of the guys visiting from Wargames Illustrated Magazine. Both the Command Stand and the infantry were finished only a couple of hours before the game started, so I was feeling slightly under pressure. As it is I didn't think they were my best paint jobs to date - but for some reason the other attendees said otherwise! Richard III and his standard bearer are both Front Rank figures, whilst the Archers are all Perry Miniatures plastics. Those others in the background were lent to us courtesy of Rich Keenan. Nice figures with lots of character, poses etc but we'd no clue what make they were!

The game itself was a mix of tragedy and comedy, with myself getting bored of defensive tactics and pounding down off the hill to meet Dave and Paul's Lancastrians (bad idea).

I'm aware most of my posts have been museum's or days out recently, but rest assured behind the scenes I've been painting away like an absolute madman. All in a bold attempt to reduce the lead mountain accumulated from two previous wargames shows (Triples and Derby World wargames). So expect more updates very soon.


  1. Very cool! I recently ran a Bosworth game using a very simplified version of Hail Caesar. Richard retained his crown. Here's the post of the game from my blog http://wabcorner.blogspot.com/2014/08/hail-richard-triumph-at-bosworth-field.html Best, Dean

  2. Most impressive pictures!!

  3. Thanks Guys! Dean, I checked out your Bosworth Battle Report. Nice figures, and must say I'm quite tempted with Hail Caesar at the moment.