Saturday, 18 October 2014

Königstiger - 20mm Skytrex

I recently bought a fair amount of assorted unpainted figures from a friend whose neighbour was having a clearout. The first lot included a box of 20mm WW2 vehicles of various makes and nationalities. I decided the first to be painted would be this Konigstiger, which we deduced was probably an old Skytrex model. Being completely metal it had some real weight to it! (as compared to most mixed resin/metal models around these days).

I must say I had a lot of pleasure in restoring some of these older figures and getting them painted up as they had originally intended to be. I know quite a few folks would critique 70's and 80's sculpts whilst extolling the superiority of more modern manufacturers, but being a somewhat older fellow I've a certain nostalgia for the early stuff. I must say it's always great to see things like early Skytrex or Essex models still in use at Wargames Shows or Club events - adequately holding their own and still much loved by those who own them.

Anyway, back to the Konigstiger. I decided on an Ardennes style camo job which involved a GW blue/grey (Ulthan?) undercoat combined with a Vallejo German Camo Beige and Vallejo Dark Bluegrey. The tracks were painted in Vallejo German Grey then covered with patches of Vallejo Light Mud.

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