Thursday, 18 July 2013

Saga Vikings - 28mm

These two hairy fellows are Heroes of the Dark Ages 28mm Vikings. I grabbed them from Colonel Bill's stand at the last Triples show. The rest of my Saga band are all Crusader miniatures, and these guys are slightly conspicuous due to their size, which I only realized once I got them home. After a bit of pondering I still intend to use them mixed in with the rest as they're not too bad. I like the variations of poses and they're good solid chunky figures. As a word of caution I probably wouldn't put them with Foundry models as they do really tower over them. Maybe they'd be ok in a separate warband however. As I've finished almost all of my French Indian Wars and Saga figures, I've just ordered my "Summer Project" - two large armies for the 1866 Austro Prussian War in 10mm. Photos on the way soon!!

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