Friday, 5 July 2013

Muskets and Tomahawks 28mm Game

Last Wednesday's Club game photos. Myself and Russ played the British with Regulars, Rangers and Indians. Whilst Simon and Kev were the French with Canadian and Indian support. Our task was to burn the Indian village and nearby French compound. Theirs was to scout each of the 6 board sections (only one figure was necessary to enter each of the board area), which meant our task was by far the trickiest. As I was in control of the Indians and British Rangers we dashed forward using cover to set alight the first two Indian structures. Kev's own Indian defenders tried to make a flanking move through the trees when they saw the first whisps of smoke and got a hail of musket fire which drove them back. So far so good. However, to advance into the second part of the village meant crossing a cornfield (only light cover) and my indians paid dearly with two units breaking and fleeing when blasted from a treeline by approx. four units hiding there. The Rangers began a flanking move to flush them out but scarpered back into cover when a French Regular unit came marching into view. Using their sharpshooter skill they took down 90% of the regiment in quick succession. But unfortunately weren't quick to react when another hostile Indian unit managed to whip round and scout another board tile. Russ held on with his sturdy British line effectively dealing with the French near the compound, but again the Canadian forces used their cover to first hatchet a few of our men and gain another part of their victory conditions.

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  1. great looking game, sounded like all had fun lots of out flanking and catching guys in the open
    Peace James