Monday, 8 July 2013

More Woodland Indians 28mm

This post would have featured 28mm Roger's Rangers, had I not dropped several onto the concrete path (so they're back on the painting table getting a touch up). When I heard the clatter I had to bite my lip and adopt some zen style breathing control, so as not to upset the neighbours with a string of violent expletives. Anyway, I retreated back upstairs and instead I've included some more AW Miniatures Indians. After the game last week I noticed compared to Kev's multi-coloured War Party, mine definitely needed some 'prettying' up so to speak. Again the flesh is Vallejo Cavalry Brown with some white mixed highlights. The War paint is Vallejo Flat Red with Carmine Red highlight, and Vallejo Medium Blue respectively.


  1. Sorry to read about the Rangers you are far more restrained than I would have been. Those indians are very nice though