Sunday, 3 March 2013

Marshal Grouchy - 28mm Command Figure

"Voila Grouchy!" This is another General from the Front Rank French command series. Nice pose and lovely to paint. I found the uniform details on another blog site featuring a similar figure. As I'm sure many would agree, Napoleonic officers and generals give a nice opportunity for individual paint schemes. His jacket was done in a Vallejo Black Green (with highlights) and the trousers done in a Carmine Red.

Marshal Grouchy was an interesting and (although perhaps unintentionally) controversial character. Bonapartists generally accuse him of having "lost" the Battle of Waterloo, despite him having received strict orders from Napoleon to follow and engage the Prussians - which he did with a degree of skill and success at Wavre. Having then received a further change of orders from his chief (which were delayed) to come to his aid at Waterloo he arrived too late as the battle had already swung decisively in the allies favour.

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