Monday, 18 March 2013

Napoleonic French Hussars 28mm

These are the first batch of plastics I ordered from Triple Helix games. As loathe as I was to buy plastics again, financially it made sense (£16 per squadron for Perrys or £35 for metal?). I'll admit that part way through I was slightly exasperated when I'd glued my fingers together for the third time. The end result was worth it I think. The above photo is probably something akin to how they'd look on the battlefield running 'Pell Mell' as they say! The uniform is that of the 12th Hussars around 1814 according to the leaflet in the box. I'm currently reading Rory Muir's "Tactics and Experience of Battle in the Age of Napoleon" which gives a brilliant view from the perspective of the ordinary infantry or cavalryman.


  1. Really nice work.

    I agree with your take on Muir's book, too. Essential reading for the period, I reckon!

  2. Very nice too. Always baffled me that there are 14 in the box, 12 or 16 yes - but 14!!!
    Be good,

  3. warpaintjj. Quite a few folks have mentioned the amounts contained in both Perrys and Victrix. I think the idea is that you'll be tempted to purchase another box to make up for the odd numbers.