Sunday, 24 February 2013

General Bagration - 28mm Command Figure.

I recently purchased a few command figures from Front Rank, which included this nicely sculpted General Pyotr Bagration. Luckily I had some extra bits knocking around to jazz up his base a bit (something I admittedly don't spend enough time on). Next wargames show I'm definitely bringing back some materials for this purpose. Anyway, I decided to paint him according to some of the portrait images I could find on Google. Obviously this isn't always entirely accurate and depends on the clarity and resolution of the image you choose. I noticed several of the same portrait images of Alexander I on there, the colouration of which in some instances makes his uniform look anything from green to blue. Bagration's jacket was done with a base coat of Vallejo Military Green, then with a slight addition of white for highlights. The sash is Vallejo Sky Blue (again with slight highlights). His horse is a Vallejo Neutral Grey then a Medium Sea Grey on top with White to highlight. The mane and such were then painted with a GW Agarax Earthshade wash.

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