Sunday, 10 February 2013

Napoleonic Italian Artillery 28mm

I decided to order an artillery battery to go with my brigade of 28mm Italians. I already knew that another four gun French battery was likely to cost me a considerable amount of cash, costing on average around £9.00 to £12.00 for one gun and crew. So I was looking at around fourty quid plus for the complete battery. That was until I searched the Britannia Miniatures website where I'd previously been buying my 20mm WW2 figures. It just so turns out they've got a rather small range of Waterloo figures in 28mm, and they're cheap as chips! So for £30 (including postage) I made the purchase and awaited their delivery. In conclusion I was really pleased. Great detail on the 8lb cannons and the crews match nicely with my Front Rank and Perry Models from the other sets. Check out the 'before and after' pics above, and here's the price details on the Britannia site: Britannia 28mm Napoleonics

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