Tuesday, 23 April 2019

15mm Napoleonic King's German Legion

I bought these chaps last year from the Hammerhead show bring n buy. They were a bargain at £8 for what turned out to be a whole brigade of unpainted Old Glory figures. It was intended to be a Christmas project while I'd been too ill to go out very much. It was speed painted in batches because I'd found taking ages on cuffs, collars, buttons and god knows what would mean I'd probably never get them completed. I also took note of the late great Donald Featherstone's feelings on this matter, which was something along the lines of 'get some paint on them and get them on the table!'. Further to this the sharp eyed amongst you may have also noticed I use gloss varnish. The reason for this is several. They don't chip easily - I've already dropped a stand twice onto a concrete floor with nothing more serious than a couple of bent bayonets. Also I absolutely adore the old school look of glossy painted armies. Which to me holds great charm.