Monday, 2 July 2018

Arnhem Battlefield Tour, and a family coincidence.

Arnhem Battlefield tour. The Oosterbeek Perimeter 1944

Bit of a coincidence. Walked into the Airborne museum at Hotel Hartenstein and came upon an exhibit of a piece of wallpaper with some graffiti on it taken from a house at 34 Pietersburgseweg which had been defended by two British members of the 21st Independent Parachute Brigade. One of which was named in the exhibit as my great Uncle Fred Hocking and his mate Tony Crane. The graffiti reads (excuse the language) "Never Surrender. F**k the Gerrys. 1st Airborne Division. Germans Killed or wounded" and then a tally of over five days as they defended the house from attack. On the 25th they made it down to the river and crossed under fire. The picture above is myself with a photograph of him next to the graffiti, the video interview with Tony Crane, and then myself outside the house which they defended during that time in September 1944.

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